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Registration for Protospiel-MN 2022 is OPEN

Protospiel MN 2022 will be held January 21-23, 2022, at the Best Western Plus in Bloomington, MN, right across the road from the Mall of America.

COVID-19 vaccinations are required to attend this convention and all attendees must wear a mask.

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Welcome to Protospiel Minnesota!

Where games come to be played & tested!

What Is A Protospiel Event?

If you are a game designer looking to get professional level feedback from other designers there is no better place to get that feedback. Games in all stages of completion are welcome. You’ll have the opportunity to play test your designs many times through-out the weekend. And the friendships you’ll make will last a lifetime.

If you’re a gamer who likes to try out new things, then Protospiel is also likely the best experience you’ll have. You’ll get to see dozens if not hundreds of new designs in a single weekend. Plus you’ll get to shape them before they hit the shelves of stores or the pages of Kickstarter.


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  • Josh AckermanJAB Games

    This was my first Protospiel. It is WELL worth the money spent as a game designer. We had 2 games we were looking to get playtested, and got a good handful of playtests in. As it was our first time, the first day was a little intense in respect to getting insight you havent gotten before, which is great, but just hearing it and gaining that info can be alot. And that is by no means a bad thing. When you are working on something, you know how you want it, but it may not be playing that way in your game. But if you are thinking of doing this and you are new DO IT. ITs sooo worth it. We made some new contacts, get to see different ideas and game mechanics, some advanced, and some so simple, you are mad you didnt think of it. (in my case I playtested "Defuse the Bomb") so simple, yet enough there that I wanted to play it again. I will be keeping my eye out for more events that I can get to once we polish up the games a bit.

    Event space wise, I think it was perfect size for the people, enough room to have walking/standing space and not be blocking someone. and enough space you could talk without needing to talk over the next table. The table markers for game running was nice to have. I would suggest if possible for your game that you set your longer games up (we have a 2hour game) like 1/2 to 3/4 the way through so people can get the taste of the game. A 2 hour game is really 2.5 hours if you have to explain the way the game works and turns and such(if they are complex) its hard to lock people in for that (people are willing to, just depends on the time they have) SO we ran it shorter, did a round or 2 and then openned it to discussion. We did get 1 full play though on sunday morning, which was great.

    Possible new Game Designers should sign up for this if you are really looking to get your game out to people. Well worth the money.

    It was a great time and thanks to all the other designers/players for the feedback and information!

  • Nate

    I left wishing I could do that stuff full time. Discussing, critiquing, and working on games with like-minded designers and talent cultivates a surprising sense of community and kinship.

  • This was my first ever gaming convention of any kind, and I was blown away! The amount of knowledge contained in the gaming room was second to none, and it was freely shared. I was able to get some amazing feedback on my game, and the amount of gaming concepts that people had to showcase was also amazing. Top notch event, and a huge Thank You to everyone that helped to make this a reality.

  • Kyla McTAtlas Games

    Protospiel was invaluable for enthusiastic and constructive criticism on games I'm working on. I can only playtest with my friends so much, not only do they get sick of the games eventually, but they also lack the designer's insight that so many Protospiel attendees have. I really loved playing other designer's games, too. And drinking ALL the hot chocolate. A great weekend was had!


    The insight I received from designers and playtesters at Protospiel MN surpasses the feedback I received from dozens of gamers who have played my prototype.

  • Don Eskridge

    Excellent time! This was my first protospiel, and first gaming con outside of BGG.CON and one visit to Essen. It was great to meet other designers, players and publishers. Looking forward to the next one already!

  • Cyrus KirbyCyrus KirbyFather Geek

    What makes a game great are the people you play with, but I now see that what makes a game even greater are the many people who make that game a possibility. Protospiel MN exemplified the best possible aspects of the gaming hobby, bringing people from all over, to sit at a table, with a single goal: create fun.

  • Matthew WyattMatthew WyattTrinity Craft Games

    This year I had the privilege of attending my first Protospiel. It was unlike anything I've experienced before in gaming. If you like table top games you owe it to yourself to attend. If you are remotely serious about making a table top game, attendance is mandatory.

  • Steven StwalleySteven StwalleySquirmish Games

    What a fantastic, fun, low-key event. In the three days (I was there for most of Friday and Sunday and a bit of Saturday) managed to play-test an expansion to my game 5 times, play a bunch of interesting and high-quality game prototypes by other developers and meet a lot of friendly people. The feedback was enormously helpful and thoughtful, and made me rethink a lot of things about my game (and recognize some massive problems!) I look forward to the next one. Thanks much for organizing the event!

  • Nicholas MarkgrafPawnJoker Games

    Worth all the money and the drive! Even though I only spent a few hours and played my games once, I met many great people and received what I felt was enough information to either validate the design or discovered the direction the game should go. I didn't get the opportunity to demo my next Kickstarter game, but that pales in comparison to all the data I obtained from the short time I was there!

  • Edward LinderEdward LinderTmjproductions

    What a great little Con. I had a blast. Everyone was friendly and kind. It was easy to jump into a game and provide feedback to the designers.

  • I find the entire idea of Protospiel brilliant - collaborative design, real work on every level to help make the best games move from concept to fully fledged. Spending time building games through test and feedback with peers is wonderful.

    And Protospiel - Minnesota perfectly realized that vision!

  • I have never been to a Protospiel and didn't know what to expect. I was blown away by how helpful, supportive and fun the event was. Great job, Jeff, Matt, All Us Geeks, and Game Crafters. I will definitely attend another.

  • Marcus RossWater Bear Games

    I went to Protospiel with a game to refine and designed another one on the road there. When I left I'd put both games through their paces with quite a few enthusiastic playtesters. The ideas were free-flowing and revisions were able to be tested on the spot. Bottom line: I went home requesting quotes for production. I'm delighted to have made the time for Protospiel.

  • Simply Great: Well organized, fantastic space, fun games, and inspiring designers.



Weekend: $65

Designer registration includes bringing, working on, and showing your own prototypes for feedback.



A Game Tester registration includes enjoying 3 days of gaming while helping others with their design and development. We do ask that Game Testers refrain from showing their own prototypes.

* A Game Tester can turn a Game Tester registration into a Game Designer registration at any time and have their Game Tester registration fee count towards the Game Designer registration price.

If you represent a publisher that published games by at least two different freelance designers in the last two years, you may qualify for a free Publisher Badge. Please use our Contact Form for more details.

If you are a member of the press and would like to cover our event, you may qualify for a free Press Badge. Please use our Contact Form for more details.

Protospiel MN 2022 Dates & Times

Friday, January 21: 10am – 10pm
Saturday, January 22: 8am – 10pm
Sunday, January 23: 8am – 5pm

Best Western Plus – Bloomington, MN

1901 Killebrew Drive • Bloomington, MN 55425

Map Link:
Hotel Site Link:


*** Call the hotel and mention “Protospiel MN 2022” to get the discounted room rate of $115/night or click here to book your room online.***


The hotel is located across the road to the south of the Mall of America. This is a fantastic, family-friendly hotel with a magnificent pool area, fridge/microwave/wifi, and solid breakfast provided with each room.